About & F.A.Q.s

The Ithaca Community Fireworks Celebration is a community event in Ithaca, New York. The event is put on by a group of volunteers and is supported wholly through donations from the community. The goal of the event is to celebrate our community by providing an Independence Day inspired event that is free and open to all members of the public.

The event is co-sponsored by the City of Ithaca.

For more information or to volunteer contact ithacafireworks@gmail.com.

Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Ithaca Community Fireworks.

Why am I paying for fireworks? The Ithaca Community Fireworks were previously held at other locations, and were supported by community donations then, as well. When Ithaca College decided to no longer host the Community Fireworks Show in 2010 because new construction projects had reduced the area from which fireworks could be shot without compromising safety, TC3 hosted the show in Dryden for the following two years. Prior to being at Ithaca College, the Fireworks had been at Cornell University. Since 1947, funding for the shows has relied entirely on donations.

Do I have to pay for parking? Due to the limited number of spaces available at Stewart Park, parking is reserved for volunteers, vendors, security, police presence, ambulatory services, fire police and donors of $50 or more to the event. Parking is also available at the Ithaca High School, or you can take the TCAT from downtown to Stewart Park. TCAT will operate free, convenient bus service for the Ithaca Community Fireworks Celebration held in Stewart Park the evening of Wed. July 1. (Rain date is Thurs., July 2). Buses with destination signs marked “Fireworks” will begin service, approximately every 10 minutes, starting at 6 p.m., from Albany St. @ State St. (Salvation Army), Green Street Station and Seneca Street Station. The “Fireworks” buses will also stop at all intersections along Cayuga Street, only as far as Lincoln Street. There will be no pickup/dropoff service from Lincoln Street to Stewart Park. Service to Stewart Park will end at 9:30 p.m., just before fireworks are scheduled to begin.

Will there be food for sale? Yes. Collegetown Bagels will have a basic BBQ, and Sweet Melissa’s will be selling ice cream at Stewart Park. Additionally, any donors of $20 or more will get a voucher for a free hot dog. Individuals are also encouraged to bring food, chairs, blankets and whatever else you would like for a community picnic at 6pm!

What kind of entertainment will there be? There will be music provided from 6pm until the launching of the fireworks at 9:45pm. People are encouraged to bring their favorite games, a Frisbee, football, or whatever else you need to have a good time!

Where are the fireworks being launched from, and where are the best places to view them? The fireworks will once again be launched from the Newman Municipal Golf Course. The fireworks are viewable from many locations in Ithaca, but the official viewing area will be at Stewart Park, facing the Boat House.

When will you announce postponement due to weather? A rain date has been scheduled for Thursday, July 2. We will make the decision as soon as possible. We will postpone the event if there is lightning, a tornado warning or other dangerous weather alerts. Like us on Facebook for the most current information regarding the event.

If the fireworks are cancelled completely, what happens to the already donated money? The money will be put into a fund to support next year’s celebration.

What if I am walking to Stewart Park? The Golf Course is closed after 8pm and the golf course crews clear the golf course of any spectators or players. The Fire Department will allow people to occupy their boats north of the Club House, but won’t allow people from walking out to their boats 15 minutes before the show.The waterfront trail is closed and cleared from Stewart Park to the Pier Road Intersection by TCAT 45 minutes before the fireworks are launched.

Will there be restrooms available? There will be portable restrooms available at the park for use, including handicap accessible units and baby-changing stations.

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